Meet your new best friend - YOU

You have big dreams, but can't seem to stick to a plan.

You always seem to be busy, but nothing ever gets done.

You can’t remember the last time you did something just for yourself.

You’re afraid that you’ve become a label like “spouse”, “parent” or “employee”.

Bad news is, the problem is YOU.

Good news is, the SOLUTION is you.

7 Days. 7 Exper-I-ments. 7 Dollars.

“What? SEVEN Dollars?”

Yup. $7 dollars because you don’t value anything that’s free. And don’t you think you’re worth more than a fancy cup of coffee?


YOU are the greatest experiment ever created but you’re walking around like you’re a finished product and you might not be so sure you liked the way you turned out.

That’s where the Exper-I-ment comes in. Challenge yourself to put on your sexy librarian glasses and open up your life like a laboratory. Observe who you really are. Discover what could be. Tinker with the idea of making YOU the most important person in your world.

And if you’re whispering back at the screen “I don’t even KNOW what I want in life”


That’s why experiments are genius, they let you try something in an environment where there is no failure.

You do have to decide how badly you want it.

Because these experiments are not life-hacks, they don’t happen quickly or offer lots of short cuts. Experiments are methodical and require time, focus and commitment to noticing results.

When you decide to take on The Exper-I-ment you will receive daily support and structure. Instructions on how to perform a daily Exper-I-ment designed to have you re-discover different aspects of yourself. Each daily Exper-I-ment will require a minimum of 30 minutes of your time.

This is where many people tune out.

I’m too busy for that.
I don’t have time for that.

You’d be amazed at what you have time for, once you are committed.

So, are you willing to invest $7 and 30 minutes a day in yourself, with yourself to get to know yourself in a very different way?

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start and finish?
You will get started as soon as you sign up. Your first day will be spent preparing your 'lab' and stepping into your new role as 'Scientist'. Then tomorrow you will receive your first Exper-I-ment and they'll keep coming daily for a full week.
How long do I have access to the materials?
While these Exper-I-ments are intended to be completed over the course of a week, many find they want to come back and repeat them again over time. And, let's be honest, things come up for us all. For this reason you will have access to these materials for 3 full months.
What if I am unhappy with the class?
Well I wouldn't want that! If you're not satisfied, let me know within 30 days and I'll be happy to provide you with a refund.
What if I get stuck or don't understand something?
Never fear! I'll be your guide through the whole thing. As soon as you sign up you'll gain access to my personal email address and a private Facebook Group full of others who have gone through this or other classes with me. You'll not be alone.

Your Instructor

Sunni VonMutius
Sunni VonMutius

Sunni has reinvented herself many, many times; each time picking up new tools, modalities and methods for living a rich, choice driven life. After more than 15 years in a corporate career she retired in her early 30s, became a small business consultant, spent several years as a full time nomad bartering for a living and began formally mentoring.

While her real education comes from the school of life, she also has her Masters in Geopsychology and PMP (Project Management Professional certification). She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Professional, Spiritual and Life Coaching, is a Reiki Master and is currently pursuing ordination as a Minister of Metaphysics.

Sunni now resides in Florida with her partner and their toddler. Her primary focus is supporting clients in designing their lives through the practical application of spiritual principles, intuitive strategy and metaphysical project management.